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Fernandez visits Jaeger-LeCoultre


Adrian Fernandez, one of the Aston Martin team Le Mans

drivers, was the special guest of Jaeger-LeCoultre

for an exceptional visit to the Manufacture. The visit

once again confirmed the strong ties between

Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin Racing.


Fernandez took a break in his racing season to visit the Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre. Welcomed by

CEO Jérôme Lambert, he was invited to discover the mysteries of watch creation. This fascinating approach to the world of horological mechanisms gave him

the opportunity to witness all the stages in the making of

a watch. This journey to the heart of 177 years of history

delighted the driver, who was also given a warm welcome

by the entire personnel.


Adrian Fernandez:
“I had never been to a watch manufacture before. My visit to Jaeger-LeCoultre was very special. The

way they work is like in racing. You have engineers, technicians, designers, mechanics, watchmakers to assemble and tune… They make a team to produce very unique watches, using pieces so small that it makes things even more complicated. I tried with my hand to hold some of the parts, screws that are almost invisible to the naked eye. I was very impressed with their attention to detail and dedication. I can now appreciate even more the mechanism of my watch. The visit was one of the highlights of the year!”



Jaeger-LeCoultre, over 177 years of expertise


A major player in watchmaking history since 1833, Jaeger-LeCoultre is the first Manufacture to have been established in the Vallee de Joux. It played a pioneering role by uniting the full range of technical and artistic professions under one roof and made an indelible imprint on the watchmaking development of the entire region.


Guided by time-honoured know-how and a constant quest for technical enhancements, the over 1,000 master-watchmakers, engineers and technicians craft each watch in harmony with the same passion. Each masterpiece, heir to 177 years of expertise, calls for the exercise of no less than 40 professions and benefits from cutting-edge technologies while being crafted in harmony with the noblest traditions of the Vallée de Joux.
Building on a vast heritage encompassing over 1,000 calibres and over 300 registered patents, Jaeger-LeCoultre remains the reference in high-end watchmaking.


Courtesy: Jaeger-LeCoultre



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