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Aston Martin at Le Mans: Mechanical Problem Retires 007/009 Entries


Aston Martin Racing continued its AMR-One development program at the annual Le Mans endurance epic. Cars 007 and 009 started the race on healthy form following an encouraging Thursday practice session running faultlessly throughout. However within the first hour, a failure of the water-pump drive led the 007 car to lock-up and spin. During the same lap, 009 at the hands of Adrian Fernandez (MEX) experienced an identical problem and was unable to return to the pits. It subsequently retired.


The Aston Martin Racing crew worked hard to get the 007 AMR-One, shared by Darren Turner (GB), Stefan Mücke (D) and Christian Klien (AUT), back into the race after its earlier water-pump pulley drive train problem. With the pulley replaced, Mücke was sent out to start his first stint. Unfortunately, he returned to the pits after one lap – damage sustained in the earlier incident proving to be terminal. The car was then officially withdrawn.


Team Principal, George Howard-Chappell said: “I am really disappointed for the team and the fans of the Aston Martin brand as they came here to see a good race and we didn’t provide one.


“A lot of people have been working very, very hard to create a good show, but it would have been easy, with the problems we have had developing the car, to quit and not turn up, but we decided to give it our best shot.


“Indications from the Thursday practice showed we could have done reasonably well. We tried to do better than that and in trying to solve a small problem we created a bigger one. But that is motor racing and we’ll carry on.”






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