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Adrian’s Blog: Looking Ahead to the Chinese Grand Prix


The start of the 2013 Formula One season has been very interesting. There have been changes in driver line-ups obviously, including Sergio Perez who is now driving for McLaren. Sergio has big shoes to fill but we all believe he has the potential to overcome anything and be a driver that will be a world champion. I view this as the start of a new and exciting future for Sergio with McLaren, who are fantastic to work with and true professionals.


It is going to be fascinating to see how the season develops especially with the tire situation where the degradation is now quite severe. I feel that every race is going to be different and every team will be in a situation where they need to do some catch up. Understanding the tires is so much more difficult now than it used to be, so it is going to be exciting to see how everything unfolds.


As far as expectations for the Chinese Grand Prix, they are pretty high. Obviously, you never know what can happen but we are very positive with the changes McLaren have been working on through the last three weeks, which has been a much needed time to focus on whatever issues prohibited the team from being competitive in Australia. I saw Malaysia as a great improvement and a good direction, so we have high expectations for China and we hope Sergio and Jenson can be fighting for the top six.


On the management side, my focus is on having everything in Sergio’s life organized so he doesn’t have to worry about anything. I basically look after him in all respects so he has the freedom in his mind to focus on driving, which demands so much these days from Formula One drivers. I work hand in hand with his sister, Paola, who has been doing a fantastic job, interact directly with McLaren and also help Sergio in any areas that I can from my past experience. He knows exactly what to do on the track, and I try to help him with preparations from things I used to do.


I will probably go to eight races this year, but I am able to keep track of everything that is going on day-to-day with Sergio’s schedule, developments with the team, etc. I stay on top of every single thing that goes through his agenda, so we don’t miss anything.


After this weekend, I am looking ahead to the Long Beach Grand Prix. It is really an honor to be inducted into the Long Beach Motorsports Walk of Fame alongside so many great names and legends and people that I respect so much as a race car driver. The Long Beach race has been a fantastic event for me for many years. I remember the times spent with family, friends and the tremendous fans, whose support you feel hours after the race. I wish I could bring some of those days back because it was some of the best times in my career. I will be very proud to be there alongside a good friend, Paul Tracy, who will also be recognized.


More to come in the following weeks.


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